Klezmorim of all countries, unite!

That was our 1st International KlezWeCan Day on September 5, 2021

KlezWeCan e.V. and the Klezmerorchester Erfurt hosted the 1st International KlezWeCan Day on September 5, 2021.

Everybody who wanted to play klezmer music was invited to join us on that day and hosted their own individual mini-concerts. There were concerts on smaller or bigger stages, on the balcony, on the street, in the living room, alone, with a friend or in a bigger ensemble – whatever the local hygiene regulations permitted. (And there were no financial interests involved.)

What should be played? Klezmer music of course!

We understand klezmer music as the traditional, instrumental music of the Yiddish speaking Jews of Eastern Europe. Everything from this repertoire was welcome, if it was traditional, instrumental, klezmer!

All events – including the official opening via livestream from Basel – were added to our online map and shared on social media. A big thank you to all participants for your amazing contributions!

Have a look at our review below!

Who participated – and where?