The Klezmerorchester

In a 2020 documentary about Jewish culture in Germany, Volker Insel from MDR (Central German Broadcasting) described the annual concert of the Klezmerorchester Erfurt as “one of the most beautiful moments of Jewish culture in Erfurt”.

In 2015 the violinist Johannes Paul Gräßer and the accordionist Szilvia Csaranko founded the Klezmerorchester Erfurt. Both are experienced klezmer and folk musicians who have worked extensively with Yiddish music and culture and combine their wide knowledge and experience from their own musical projects. Since its formation, the Klezmerorchester Erfurt has brought together amateur and professional musicians from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland and connected people of different generations, origins and musical backgrounds. Take a look at our picture galeries to get some impressions…

Musical direction

Johannes Paul Gräßer

Johannes Paul Gräßer

Director, Violin/Conductor, Erfurt

Szilvia Csaranko

Szilvia Csaranko

Artistic Director/Arranger, Accordion/Piano, Hannover

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