2023 – Best of Klezmerorchester

Klezmerorchester Erfurt presents its musical highlights.

2022 – Live and open air

The Klezmerorchester Erfurt explores the newfound historical material found in Klezmer Institute’s Kiselgof-Makonovetsky Digital Manuscript Project.

2021 – We keep going on!

Since a real concert is still not possible, the Klezmerorchester captures its Dave Tarras program in a video recording at Zughafen Erfurt.

2021 – 1st International KlezWeCan Day

KlezWeCan e.V. and the Klezmerorchester Erfurt hosted the 1st International KlezWeCan Day on September 5, 2021. Everybody who wanted to play klezmer music was invited to join.

2020 – not much to see, apart from workshops...

...but we made a video!

2019 – Old melodies in a new guise

The Klezmerorchester addresses the ever important links between Yiddish language, song and music.

2018 – Klezmerorchester on tour

In the spring the orchestra goes on tour and plays consecutive concerts in the Reglerkirche Erfurt and in the Peterskirche, Leipzig at the ‘First Night of Klezmer Leipzig’.

2017 – Klezmerorchester connects

The Klezmerorchester Erfurt presents its new program as part of the Kirchentag in the Lutherkirche Erfurt, supported by the singer and cantor Jalda Rebling and other guest musicians.

2016 – The orchestra grows

The orchestra inspires well over 1000 listeners in the Reglerkirche Erfurt, and as part of the 24th 'Days of Jewish-Israeli Culture in Thuringia’ at the Zughafen, Erfurt.

2015 – The largest klezmer orchestra

The Klezmerorchester Erfurt appears for the first time in March as part of the ‘Long Night of Klezmer’ in Erfurt with 50 participants.